Salary and Welfare
A. lary model

Company pay structures: basic salary + performance salary + additional salary

Basic salary including base salary, seniority salary, salary degree, intellectual property rights, Nutrition funding

Merit pay including delay overtime, attendance prize, the post performance salary

Additional salary includes all kinds of subsidies (high temperature allowance, holiday allowance, etc.), allowance, statutory holiday overtime, subsidized meals, bonus

B. the welfare treatment

1. Provide "five social insurance and one housing fund", the "five risks" : pension, unemployment, work injury, medical, birth;"A gold" : the public accumulation fund for housing construction

2. Organize a staff free physical examination every year

3. According to different entry fixed number of year, employees enjoy different proportions of paid sick leave

4. According to individual performance, provide a chance to increase every year

5. Foreign staff dormitory, taixing city employees provide free shuttle bus, accommodation, utilities and other subsidies for high-level talents

6. Founded love foundation, gives extremely poor worker family or major disease worker family love and help

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